Floating the Dead Sea

Today was a big driving day – Spent the morning to go to the Dead Sea and did a short video on what floating in the Dead Sea was like.

  • It’s hard not to float – if you walk in waist deep, it becomes difficult to stand because your body is trying to float
  • The water is really warm (I didn’t mention this in the video).  It is truly bathwater temperature.
  • The bottom of the sea is covered in a thick layer of salt that is hard and jagged.  It will exfoliate your feet.
  • The water feels very slick to the touch – like an oil
  • Any water that doesn’t get rinsed off when you come out will turn to salt dust when it dries.

That this video is a little odd… It is a 360 video, so you can look around but also has some regular video embedded in it.  Be sure to look out the windshield or you’ll miss some.  This is just a weird experiment…

A driving video will be coming next so you can see the desert landscape and the West Bank wall.

In the afternoon, I took part in the Temple Mount Sifting Project.  Basically, several tons of dirt was taken from the Temple Mount without proper permission and had to be reclaimed by this organization to be sifted through to find physical evidence of how life was lived in the first century.  They give you quick lessons on how to identify basic materials – clay pottery, metal, glass, foreign stone, mosaic stones, and bones from the regular rock.

Then you are free to sift through as many buckets of material as you like.  Really fun and educational process!

Then a pleasant stroll through Mt Scopus, which is a now a university garden.  Somehow, I didn’t get any pictures in the garden, just video, so that might become another video to publish.

Ending the day was a large dinner, which was much needed.  Somehow I missed eating all day!