Random Strangers

The story behind today’s header is that I was walking down the street and this dude calls out from his truck, “Hey!  Take Our Picture!”

I look at them as say, “You guys?” 



So I took their picture.  If I was using a film camera, I probably would have just pretended to take the picture.  It doesn’t cost anything with digital and maybe a good story pops out.

I’m pretty sure the dude in the sunglasses is a famous Israeli movie star that is just helping his buddy with his painting business.

This is my new friend Sahlem.  He was sitting at a bus stop resting as I was walking by this morning.  I motioned to me to sit down, so I did.  He wanted to chat with me, but that was going to be hard because he only spoke Arabic.  The good news is that he wasn’t trying to sell on his tour guide services.

I managed to tell him that I was from Texas and that I was visiting the holy land of Jerusalem for a vacation.  He asked what I did for a living and I told him that I work for a railroad.  He didn’t quite understand that, so I said “Trains.”  He didn’t get that either, so I tried to show him a picture of a train.

We left the conversation with me driving really big busses.

I keep talking about making a bunch of short videos, but so far everything is more worthy of some fine prose than a video.  That will change soon, I’ve got a few ideas brewing.  Maybe I’ll make those tomorrow.  In the mean time, I do have a video to share.  I went to St Anne’s Cathedral this morning.  This cathedral is known for its acoustics.  Click the link to hear a gentleman sing “Then Sings My Soul” in an opera style!