This video / podcast series covers difficult or very personal topics, but the host is someone that already has a personal relationship with the guest.

  • Provide a platform for the guest to share his or her story. There is no restriction on the topic – it can be abortion, gender issues, testimonies, personal tragedies.
  • Demonstrate a real conversation on the topic between the interviewer and the guest, who already have a close personal relationship.
  • Have an open discussion about these difficult topics.

In the pilot episode, Christi got pregnant and had an abortion back in high school. This left a permanent mark on her heart and she and her husband, John, discuss what happened, how it affected her and people around her and what she wished she would have done instead.

Matthew Lucci Lived in his Car

Matthew Lucci lost a close friend due to a fentanyl overdose and left his well paying job to pull together a team that could make a device that automatically administers pain medications to prevent addiction. In researching and building his company, he learned about the illegal drug trade and the problems that it brings to…

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The LaQueys vs. Down Syndrome

Abby LaQuey is “God’s Fun sized secret weapon.” Julie, Tyce, and Abby discuss the challenges of Down Syndrome, starting with Abby in the womb through today. Despite those challenges, Abby memorizes more bible verses than a common person and is an expert evangelist. Visit the Buy “Powered by Love” by Julie LaQuey A…

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