Last Day in Jerusalem

I know many of you have not been to Israel and are planning to go on a trip either on a group tour or possibly on your own.  Either way, I wanted to share some important health information.  It’s very important. It’s not a joke.  I promise, it’s real.  Nothing to laugh about.  Seriously…

Walking the Wall

You can walk across the top of most of the city walls of Old Jerusalem.  I took my time and really looked around at what was going on both inside and outside the city.  This was one of my favorite activities.

Church of the Redeemer (Lutheran)

This is the first protestant church in Jerusalem, and it has a really great tower that you are able to walk all the way up in.  At the very top, the last part is a staircase that leads into the roof.  I didn’t go up there because the ladder was really sketchy.  But from the top room, the views around Jerusalem are awesome.  Got a great shot of the Dome of the Rock.


I wandered around Old Jerusalem enough over the last several days, that I noticed this guy a few different times – well, I suppose he’s rather hard to miss.  So I had to meet him and find out what his story was.

His name is Terry.

He said he’s from the Pennsylvania area.

He wasn’t very forthcoming with any information about how often he comes to Israel, how long he stays, why he does what he does…

If anyone has any theories on what Terry’s backstory is, I’m open to suggestions.  I’ve got a couple of ideas…

Tomorrow, I check out of my Jerusalem hotel and move north to the Sea of Galilee.  I still have plenty of stories from my time in Jerusalem to share though, so stay tuned!