The Real American Founding: A Conversation

This is an excellent class that covers the founding of the United States and the legal and philosophical principles behind it. This class is structured as a conversation with Thomas West, who wrote the book “The Political Theory of the American Founding.” This class contains 8 video session, each one is about 30 minutes, for a total video time of 4 hrs.

If you really want to understand the constitution and the people who founded our country, this is a phenomenal class to take.

This course explains the natural rights theory of the American Founding, including equality, the laws of nature, the social compact, and consent; it explores the concrete ways the Founders sought to secure the rights of citizens through the enforcement of the criminal law, foreign policy, the promotion of virtue, and the protection of property; and, it examines the ways in which we have abandoned this older understanding for a new theory of justice and government today.

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