Dove provides movie and show reviews from a Christian perspective. Programs are reviewed on 8 categories – faith, integrity, sex, language, violence, drugs, nudity, other. Very good resource for detailed information on a movie. Use this along with Focus on the Family to get a good idea on the quality of a movie.

The Dove reviews are based on Christian values and we want to serve all families and individuals who love great entertainment, but also want to spend their time and money on God-glorifying storytelling. We also recognize that our families might have unique sensitivities, so we want to bring you insight and information so that you can make informed decisions. We don’t pretend to know your family better than you do, but we will give you a point of view through as much of a biblical lens as we are able. And we’ll grow and learn through your feedback.

We’ve added to our content grid, so you can see quickly the good, the bad and the ugly, and you an choose the right movie for your particular tastes and sensitivities. Our new seals are explained HERE. The Dove Approval criteria has not changed – we’ve only consolidated the seals to be clearer. For example the 18+ seal is reserved for God-glorifying messages that have more mature elements according to our criteria. Here is a link to our detailed criteria.

Years ago, the Dove Seal was referred to by the late entertainment legend, Steve Allen as “the Good Housekeeping seal for family entertainment.” We honor that legacy and we’re excited to carry it forward for a new generation of families.

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