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This song is by Debbie Gibson and is featured in the movie The Music in Me which…

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Little Boy

This is a terrific movie! Its about a boy that is a little smaller than his friends….

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The Procession to Calvary

Painted by Pieter Bruegel in 1564. Notice that Jesus is carrying the cross in the very center…

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Going Home

Excellent series about Charley, a nurse at a hospice care facility. Each episode she deals with a…

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In-Lawfully Yours

Released in 2016, this is a very sweet movie about Jesse, a brash woman from New York…

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Saved by Grace

Light hearted and fun series about an angel named Grace and, I guess, her ice cream loving…

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Nothing is Impossible

An inspiring movie! Well worth watching. In high school, Scott was on the fast track to success…

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The Music In Me

Staring Debbie Gibson, this is about Jessica, who gave up her dream of creating and performing music…

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Sons of Thunder

This series, released in 2019, excellent story about a guy that was in a biker gang that…

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Life with a Capital L

This is a great book written by Matt Heard. This is less bible study and more motivational….