Meeting “Jesus”

If you are NOT a fan of the TV show “The Chosen” you can skip this post. If you haven’t yet heard about this show, you should watch it.If you’re a fan, lets continue…

This past weekend (Oct 14 and 15), I attended ChosenCon at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas. This was an awesome event to hear from and meet the crew and actors from “The Chosen”.

There were several excellent discussions and panels.  Some of the topics covered:

  • The goal is to redirect people towards Jesus
  • Scripture vs not-scripture (ie, The Chosen is a TV show and not scripture
  • When does fandom become idolatry – the concept of idol worship actually came up very often in several talks
  • Would the world implode if Jim Caviezel had a role on show opposite Jonathan Roumie?  More seriously, would he be an asset or a distraction (probably a distraction)
  • Humility
  • Connecting, learning, and amplifying
  • Creating a movement, promoting involvement, providing avenues of collaboration and a sense of community
Words the team uses to describe “The Chosen” as a project: Authenticity (using every day language, for example), Intimate (speaking directly to individuals in the audience), Playfulness (not taking selves too seriously), Disruptiveness (breaking the mold on how projects should be done)

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