I’m Fine. Israel is Not.

Dear Friends, 

I’m fine.  I’m in Jordan.  Israel is under Hamas attack.  Pray for them. 

Message from a friend follows…


The ICEJ urgently calls on Christians worldwide to pray and intercede for the people of Israel as they face a massive surprise infiltration of Hamas terrorist commandoes from Gaza into southern Israel and waves of rocket barrages on the south and center of the country. Judging by early reports and phone videos, dozens if not hundreds of fully armed Hamas commandoes have made it into the Gaza border communities in Sderot and the surrounding farming villages and are shooting civilians and taking hostages. They came in trucks and on motorcycles and overwhelmed IDF soldiers at the border crossings before crossing into Israel, while others flew over the border fence on paragliders. This morning is Simchat Torah, the last of the high holy days, and all Israel was at rest for the Shabbat when sirens were heard all across the southern half of the country warning of rocket barrages from Gaza. The more serious concern now is for all the Israeli communities along the border where terrorists have been shooting and taking hostages, while the IDF was slow to respond to such a massive, well-planned surprise attack. The hostage situations that will likely emerge from these shocking developments could be a painful experience and we urge all Christians to pray for Israel’s deliverance from this tragic situation. The ICEJ just took nearly 700 Christians to these same communities for a solidarity visit two days ago, and all our friends we met there are in serious danger. One of our speakers at that rally has even informed us this morning that it is a “disaster” in the area, so PLEASE PRAY WITH US IN URGENT Global Prayer Gathering TODAY 4PM!:

Global Prayer Gathering

Today 4pm

Meeting ID: 543 414 408

Passcode: 027708

Link: https://on.icej.org/ICEJGlobalPrayer

Fear of a cyber attack: Friends, now pictures and videos will start running, with many links. Try not to log in from mobile phones, a wave of fake news and a cyber incident will begin. Take care of yourself