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Valuable resource for statewide news. Not funded through advertising or donors – strictly subscription.

The Texan, a statewide political news organization, was founded in 2019 by former state Senator Konni Burton and is based in Austin, Texas. Dedicated to providing readers with fact-based news regarding issues, policies, elected officials, and campaigns, The Texan is the alternative to the narratives and spin that are so pervasive in news media today.

Seven out of ten Americans, when polled, believe the media knowingly spreads misinformation at least some of the time. The Texan is here to counter that misinformation and provide you with news you can trust.

The Texan provides straight news reporting so you can be an informed citizen.

  • We do not publish political opinion
  • We do not endorse candidates in any political elections
  • We do not have an editorial board to publish editorial opinion

The Texan does not exist to tell you what and how to think.

Other media outlets operate under non-profit or ad-based business models. While non-profits cater to the political bias of those who fund them, advertiser-based business models result in clickbait content that serves to sell more ads. Neither business model is focused on the readers themselves. 

The Texan has no advertisers and is not donor-funded. We rely on subscriptions, which means we are accountable to our readers and no one else. When you subscribe to The Texan, you receive quality content that prioritizes what is important to you and incentivizes us to focus on the interests of everyday Texans.

We also seek to embody the spirit of Texas in our reporting. We are one of the only outlets publishing content that tells the history of Texas and remembers important historical events that make us proud to be a Texan. 

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