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In-Lawfully Yours

Released in 2016, this is a very sweet movie about Jesse, a brash woman from New York…

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Learning to Love

This movie is okay – the story line is okay. Watch if there is nothing else and…

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The Man from Nowhere

This movie is about a man – a famous writer – who finds out he has cancer…

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Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

Written by Dr Meg Meeker in 2006, this book is an excellent discussion on how fathers can…

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Time Changer

Movie from 2003. Cute idea, but kinda weak in execution. Worth watching if there is nothing else…

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Message and the Messenger

Pretty good movie of a church preaching the prosperity gospel and how it affects its members. Pretty…

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The Most Reluctant Convert

Really well done story of C. S. Lewis childhood through conversion in his 20’s. Excellent acting, excellent…

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This movie is about an art student that has a recurring nightmare that could unlock a coldcase….

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Beautiful One

Really cute movie about a young lady that is trying to discover the secret to beauty. Really…

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An Interview with God

Decent movie about a reporter that is interviewing God – the setup is lacking. Really needed a…