Long List of Updates

I just moved to my third hotel and have a little time to relax and sort through videos and pictures.  I have a ton of stuff to share and no idea how I’m going to share it in a way that is fun and interesting.  I’ve really done a lot over the last several days.  For this email, I’m going to list everything that really stands out in my mind and skip over the stuff that I think can wait, just to get you all at least up to date.

Ramparts Walk

You can walk on top of the city walls of Old Jerusalem.  This is a great vantage point to look out at the rest of Jerusalem as well as the marketplace inside of Old Jerusalem.

Church of the Redeemer

This is the second protestant church in Jerusalem.  What makes it interesting is that it has a bell tower you can climb all the way up into 


This is a large, fancy hotel surrounding the ruins of a first century synagogue.  There is a very high probably that Jesus walked across this very threshold that I am standing on.

Syrian HQ

This is the building that was formerly occupied by the Syrian military, prior to the country border being moved.  It is now a monument to really interesting graffiti as well as a memorial to  Israeli spy, Eli Cohen.

The Real Bethsaida

Recently unearthed is the actual location of Bethsaida.  This is a new archeological site that we were able to walk around in.

Korazim Nat’l Park

Is another archeological site where we know for a fact that Jesus taught – the rocks that comprise the walls of this ancient synagogue heard His voice.  Visitors to the park can help excavate the site under the supervision of an archeologist.

We got to meet the chief archeologist and were invited to hear him speak in San Antonio in November and to come back to help excavate Bethsaida.

That is probably enough for now.  I have so much more to share but need to figure out how to make it not boring!