The Sky is Falling!

Yesterday (Shabbat) was an adrenaline rush of a day!

I went skydiving!  This would be my second jump ever.  It was slightly scary at first but really was incredible fun.  If you haven’t jumped out of a plane yet, I totally recommend it.

I don’t have any video or pictures to show you – they wouldn’t let me use one of my own cameras, so I did buy a video package from them.  I’ll share that once they send it to me.

I’ll write up what the experience of falling out of an airplane is like when I get the video.

This is Natalie. This was her second jump also – and like me, her first jump was about 20 years ago. She is Israeli, but was born and raised in Perth, Australia. After we jumped out of the plane, we hung out in the airport terminal to chat for a while to let the adrenaline rush calm down (I really didn’t want to drive off just yet – I was a little jittery from the excitement).

Today was the last day of Natalie’s 10 week vacation! The first 9 weeks she spent hiking the Camino de Santiago – so we talked all about that and I made sure to get as many trips as possible in the event I ever feel like going for a long walk.

Back home, in Perth, she owns a natural products and health life-style sort of business (palate and yoga classes, nutrition, and stuff). Her staff and family are back home minding the store. She’s not a catholic, but some of her friends are – we talked a little bit about spirituality and beliefs.

After skydiving, I did a little bit of touring in the afternoon, including Mt Arbel and Mt Tabor.

The evening before, Alon and I went over to his neighbor’s house, Shimon (You may recall that Alon, Shimon, and I went to a steak house on Thursday).  We spent the evening after Shabbat dinner hanging out and talking in their sukkah.  Yair is their son and is the oldest and is really interested in photography but doesn’t have a camera yet, so he asked if he could take pictures with mine.  He took the picture above of his family.  He’s really interested in macro photography – he wants to take pictures of bugs and plants and things and then maybe even attaching the camera to a telescope to take pictures of planets and stars.  Another one of his pictures is below.  On the left is his sister Noa (Noa is the feminine version of Noah). She’s quite the debater.  She and I got into a lively debate about God (the family is not religious).  Then ShimonNeta, and Tal.  Not pictured is the youngest daughter, Tamar.  Below right is Tamar and Tal.

I noticed that I’ve been posting less about important historical monuments and more of people and fun activities.  I suppose that is where my bias is, but also, I think, that is where the stories live.  Don’t worry, though.  I do have plenty of other stories to tell about very important rocks and landscapes.  I’m just limited a little bit by time right now.