First Full Day in Jerusalem

Saturday was a long day!

…and yes, I took the picture of the dome.

I started with a very good breakfast at my hotel, which included writing the previous email message.  After that I walked down to Old Jerusalem and wandered around.

There were several pilgrimage groups walking the Via Delrosa.  I have lots of pictures and videos that I will put into a video later.  It was a very enlightening and amazing day.

Just to be clear, Old Jerusalem is very much an actual city with people who live and work there.  There are stores and restaurants all over – not just souvenirs, but food, spices, home improvement, entertainment, clothing, etc.  The morning (about 9 to 11 am) was quiet and peaceful.  It didn’t get crowded until the afternoon.

The walkways between stores is only about 10 feet wide.  Can you imagine crowds of people standing and jeering as Jesus carried his cross through these streets?
This was lunch.  Really amazing.
These boys wanted me to take their picture.  I was carrying the Sony – so they wanted a picture using the ‘real’ camera.  Maybe they thought I worked for a magazine or something…
I made new friends at the Garden Tomb.  On the right is Mosheh.  He’s a massage therapist from Knoxville, TN.  In the center is Mark.  He works for AA and lives in… Justin!  I introduced myself to Mark because of his hat.  I met them at about 3 in the afternoon.  I was planning on going back to the hotel but wound up hanging out with them the rest of the day yesterday.  Both believers.

More pictures and a video to come… There is a lot to go through and digest to tell you all more about Jerusalem.