Running to You by Sarah Lieberman

Ok, I’m just going to lift the description of Sarah Liberman directly from her about page…

“Sarah Liberman is an Israeli worship leader, songwriter, and speaker who has devoted her life to the blessing of God’s heart and lifting Him up. Sarah’s passionate worship, birthed in the unseen place, inspires believers of all ages to pursue the heart of God in a deeper way. Sarah regularly leads worship in congregations and conferences together with a team of young Israelis, travels singing and speaking on worship around the world, bringing the unique sound and heritage of Israeli worship to the nations.

Sarah is dedicated to bringing you the new sound released from this generation of authentic Israeli worshippers, to help you encounter God, be transformed and further released in authority and power in your own personal destiny. Sarah has a growing ministry of worship and speaks both within Israel and internationally, she is also the director of Ascend Carmel worship and intersession programs.”

Sarah Liberman / Ascend Music – Israeli Messianic Worship Music