Dead Sea Fun Facts

  • The Dead Sea is at the lowest point on Earth, at 1,388 ft
  • It is called a sea because it contains salt water, but its really a lake
  • The Dead Sea is not totally dead – nothing lives in it but it is considered a source of vitality for the human body (okay, that’s just a lot of marketing talk…)
  • Popular for medical tourism
  • You can float on the surface without even trying
  • The South end of the sea is drying up – there are now artificial pools in the area
  • The Dead Sea scrolls are called that because they were found nearby

Top 10 Most Important Facts About the Dead Sea | DeadSea

To bring awareness of the decreasing water level of the Dead Sea, American photographer, Spencer Tunick, photographed 200 volunteers posing at the Dead Sea.  They were all painted white, and naked, to represent Lot’s wife, who turned to salt because she looked back at Sodom.

Nude and painted white, 200 volunteer models pose at endangered Dead Sea | The Times of Israel