What’s the Plan, Man?

I leave for Israel on September 21, but the trip begins for us today! Here’s the plan:

  • Sept 22 – Sept 28 Jerusalem
  • Sept 28 – Oct 6 Haifa
  • Oct 6 – Oct 8 Petra (Wadi Musa)
  • Oct 8 – Oct 10 Madaba

This is the first of four emails you’ll get for the month of August.

  • Aug 3, What’s the Plan, Man? (You Are Here)
  • Aug 10, Reliable Sources (reference books I used to build my trip)
  • Aug 17, Wander the Web (Interesting resources around the internet)
  • Aug 24, Preparing to Produce (some behinds the scenes on gear I’ll be using)

You’ll get insight on the work that is going into this project, just in case you’re interested, and I’m sure you’ll start dreaming about your own trips and what sorts of plans you want to make.

Starting August 28, you’ll start to get “pre-trip” emails every day for 28 days (until the day I depart). These emails will be much shorter and may include…

  • Fun historical facts
  • Prayers
  • Bible Verses
  • Worship songs

This is what I’ll be reading, praying on, and thinking about to prepare, so we’ll be preparing together!