Authentic Influencer

Jonathan Murphy, Dept Chair of Pastoral Ministries at Dallas Theological Seminary, writes an excellent discussion around the principles of being an effective disciple maker by telling the story of a minor character named Barnabas from the book of Acts.

This book is a quick and entertaining read (180 pages, not dense) which will teach you

  • how to reflect Jesus in your community
  • see the potential in others and how to encourage them to act
  • leadership through presence; encouraging others
  • truth + love as demonstrated by Jesus

Some really important key point from this book:

  • Barnabas was sensitive to Gods voice and obedient
  • Shape the lives of others to continue to bring people to know and love Jesus – Discipleship
  • Transform the world for the positive and neutralize the negative activities of Satan
  • Be a dreamer and a doer – have a vision for the world, but be able to execute it as well. A vision that isn’t executed has no value
  • Look for the potential in others and take risks on them but also understand there is a great risk and and potential for hurt when discipling. Leadership is pain.
  • Expect great things from God and attempt great things for God
  • Expect changes and tension in life – be able to navigate that