by Pastor Ted Kitchens, Christ Chapel Bible Church, Fort Worth, TX

(Written soon after completion of the sanctuary on **date**)

With the new sanctuary completed, the crowning statement of who we are was inlayed in the stain glass window high above the stage. Christ Chapel’s window was made incorporating faceted glass. Each piece was hand cut from a larger section of glass to create the faceted edge.

This maximizes the brilliance of each piece.

Each part of the window represents a truth upon which we build out faith. The central focus is the cross of Christ, representing His death, burial and resurrection. The rich, red color represents His blood that was shed for us. The white line is symbolic of His sinless nature and the gold outline of the cross represents His royalty. The cross rises out of the tomb.

Behind the cross is an explosion of light and color in shades of blue and yellow. This represents our new life in Christ. Christ declared to us that He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. The alpha, in shades of gold, stands behind the cross and the omega, the purple, encircles the three crosses.

At the base of the cross is the open Bible, representing that the Word is open to all men. The two smaller crosses represent those who either accept or reject Christ. The cross outlined in light green and standing in front of the Bible represents those who accept Him, and the darker cross standing behind represents those who reject Christ.

The deep violet semicircles or “roses” encircling the window represent the twelve disciples who were the first to carry the message of hope. Radiating through and beyond the roses are the blue and gold rays of light, symbolizing that the message of Christ goes to infinity. There are sixty-six rays of light, representing the sixty-six books of the Bible.

Entwined through the roses and the rays of light is a vine, symbolic of Christ, our Enabler.

Praise be to God for blessing us with this magnificent work of art! This piece of art represents who we are and what we believe. This sanctuary and all our other venues stand as a platform for proclaiming this truth.