Live to Tell

Witnesses to Authoritative Regimes Share Their Stories and Warnings for America

Sunday April 7, 2024 at 6:30 pm

Location: To Be Determined

Forge Room Foundation and One Southlake have partnered to bring to Fort Worth a very special evening of discussion and education on the challenges of living under authoritarian regimes.  This is a family friendly event featuring four speakers from the One Southlake portfolio who can paint a detailed and unforgettable image of what daily life was like.  In addition to the panel discussion, there will also be an interactive “Jeopardy” game to test the audience’s knowledge.  This evening is intended to be a time of education, reflection, and fun that the whole family can take part in.  Due to the political discussions, the recommended audience is middle school and older.

$2,000 Total Cost

We are looking for generous sponsors to help bring this educational event to Fort Worth and for it to be free for individuals and families to attend. The total anticipated cost to host this event is $2000 and covers:

  • Facility rental
  • Catering (drinks, light appetizers)
  • Speaker gifts
  • Printed assets (if necessary)

Consider a $50 donation to help us put this event on – your donation is directly to One Southlake, which is a 501c3 non-profit. And don’t forget to mark your calendar to join us to see the dividends of your investment.

One Southlake ( is a history enrichment program that has a portfolio of speakers from a wide variety of countries that are available to speak to students in class or in special events.  Our goal is to educate students on what it is like to NOT grow up in the United States and without the liberties and opportunities so many take for granted.  Each of our speakers has a unique oral history of their home country and share the not just the historical experience but the personal and emotional effects as well.  Our speakers leave a lasting impact on students because they bring academic study to life by sharing their lived experiences.

The Forge Room Foundation ( is an educational movement that creates localized learning communities equipping the student with worldview training, cultural intelligence, and public theology.  It is designed to instill GRIT into its students – Guts, Resiliency, Integrity, and Tenacity – which can then be taken back to the student’s home church with the intent of spreading a fearless gospel through the community.  Forge Room classes break the glass barrier of privatized Christian faith that allows dangerous ideologies to invade families, school, and churches.  Instead, it instills the student with the necessary foundation to spread God’s word openly and publicly, not just to fellow believers, but to everyone that person encounters.